Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kim's first post

For all you friends and family that thought we needed to update, here you go! Thanks to my sister Nicki for showing me how to do this! We have our Disneyland trip last summer, Kinsey's dance recital, and other fun filled days. A cew from Kaui, Trevor's singing program and Halloween. Not in the correct order, but hey, at least I've done this!

Soccer fun, end of the year.

Kinsey, on the attack.

Watch out for Trevor, he'll take on the whole team!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Santa came to visit once again and Kinsey and Trevor despite not being "good" all year still came out of the deal with Santa pretty good. Kinsey's favorite gift was her High School Musical 3 barbie school, bead workshop to make jewelry and her easy bake oven. She also spent a couple of hours at the mall in her favorite store Limited Too with Mom and brought home gifts before Christmas. Trevor loved his Hotwheels stunt race track (which took me over an hour to put together!) his pixos and the Diego Dinosaur Rescue Mountain and all the Diego toys.
Kim got a bunch of accessories for her ipod nano and she is fast becoming tech and ipod savy! It's only taken a couple of tutorials and she has a few more left to go. She finally had time to bake on Christmas Eve! It took all month to finish her second job of being Relief Society president taking care of everyone else. We are now trying to force her into a couple of days off.
We've had tons of snow! It snows we shovel and then it snows again. It's been non stop for over a week.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The First Snowfall!!!!

The kids had to get out in the first snowfall of the season. A week or so before Halloween we had a lot of snow and the kids begged to try out their new snow gear. It hasn't snowed since then but I'm sure we'll get our share as soon as winter comes. Kim isn't so excited but Kinsey and Tevor sure love it!

Indoor Slide

Now that the weather is getting a little colder the kids are getting creative with "what to do". This is the latest adventure - the indoor slide. A few blankets and some daring moves they slide down the stairs. Only a couple of tumbles (Trevor above) but mostly laughs and fun!

Utah goes 12-0 again and crushes "the team down south"

The Utes go 12-0, conference champions again and are on their way to the BCS. It was an amazing game beating the "team down south" 48-24 in a game where the only perfection was the team in red demoralizing those in blue. We hope to be going to the BCS bowl, Sugar or Fiesta I think. It's always hard to have football season pass so soon, but it was another great season for Ute fans like us (well all of us except Kim)!

The Tramp is gone!

It's now late fall and the weather has caused the tramp to be put away much to the disappointment of two kids. They decide they can play "monkey" on the bars even though the rest of the tramp is gone. Our two "monkey kids" playing for the last time on the trampoline for the season.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blue Bullets Soccer - Fall 2008

Trevor, #4, playing in his first season of soccer. It's great watching four year olds play soccer! They play three on three with a team of six. The Blue Bullets went 6-1 (one rain out) with Trevor being the leading scorer in every game. He really had a hard time losing that one game and we learned he is a very competitive little boy! His greatest moment was when he came from way behind to run down a kid on a break away about to score to kick the ball away at the last moment in front of the goal and turns to me and yells "ha ha" proud to have made the play.
We had tons of fun watching both kids play on their teams. I had a great time coaching Trevors' team.